Ad Burp: Favourite Ads from 2014 Olympics in Sochi

Since the Olympics has started, my Twitter  and Facebook has been exploding through the roof with ads and pictures of the different live events at Sochi. Brands from all across the board are posting cute and attractive pictures in their support for the Canadian Olympic Team! Here are some of my favourite brands:

Hudson Bay, I love the way that they incorporated their branded products and made it to be interesting on Facebook. Their mitts have become a staple in my wardrobe. I own 2012 and 2010. I love them and it is so cute how it was part of the countdown for the 2014 Sochi Olympics and the

hbc 1 hbc medals hbc

Procter & Gamble nailed it in the head. Definitely seeing this video pulled some of my heart strings. It definitely brought back memories of me figure skating when I was a kid. I spent 10 years of my life on skates and if I could have that way all the time I would. Eight months of every year I was on the ice, and it was the one sport that I didn’t feel like I was pressured to do something that I didn’t enjoy but rather something that I could just let go and relax and enjoy myself. my dad would always lace my skates and de-lace them (my favourite) while my mom would sit in the stands and watch me skate. Sometimes I wonder if I hadn’t been moved from my arena or I hadn’t left Toronto, would I have been able to figure skate competitively?

I loved Oreo Olympic campaign. Without a doubt, it is the most memorable campaign when I think of Sochi 2014. Everyday since the Olympics began, Oreo has released a themed related post on Twitter correlating to the Canadian Winnings or Athletes. These are some of my favourites:


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